A Bit of an Adventure

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When you want to know how things really work, study them when they’re coming apart.

- William Gibson

As an engineer, there is nothing more exciting than a problem for which there is still no solution. The search to understand how something works is something that is in the nature of engineers and that excites us in a funny way, it’s like a new adventure ready to begin.

Upgrade to AspNetCore 3.1

The AspNetCore 3.1 is the latest supported version of the dotnet framework. In this version, we don’t have the Web.config file and even if the dotnet 32-bit PATH variable is on top the application will start under a 64-bit process.

Publishing the application using -r win-x64

Publish the application using the following command:

Starting the application using the dotnet.exe

Starting the application through the *.exe file would make the application always start under a 64-bit process by default.

Modify the web.config file %LAUNCHER_PATH% Variable

The %LAUNCHER_PATH% can be found in the Web.config file of AspNetCore applications, this variable can be replaced by the x64 dotnet path and the application will start under a 64-bit process.


Wrapping things up



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Nelson Parente

Nelson Parente

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